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Green Thinking – Reduce, Re-use, Recycle!

You can feel good about using our large reusable water bottles and working together to reduce the impact that single serving bottles have on our ecosystem through production, transportation and landfill concerns.

Here at the Clear Water Shop our purified reverse osmosis water is produced fresh daily utilizing superior commercial equipment. As can be seen through glass, our 7 step process begins with chlorine and hardness removal, then through advanced reverse osmosis membranes, various polishing filters and finally ultra violet sterilization to ensure every drop of water is sparkling and bacteria free.

Retail Pick Up

Retail pick up has never been easier! Bottles are cleaned, sanitized and simply exchanged and we are happy to carry it out for you as well!


Our bottled water can also be conveniently delivered to your door! The Clear Water Shop delivers to businesses and homes throughout Bancroft and surrounding areas. For convenience and safety, our bottles are spill and tamper proof. We offer service and quality you can trust!

Call us today for your FREE water analysis and let us show you how we can make your water clearly better! 613-332-2323