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retail products
Ceramic Dispenser
Choose from a variety of attractive,
hand painted, plain or embossed designs

2 gallon capacity
Certified lead free
ceramic dispenser
Bottle Cradle & Valve
Perfect for your home or cottage
Durable stainless steel design
Excellent flow rate from faucet
Easy to assemble

bottle cradle
Ideal for your home, cottage or sporting events
No battery costs
Easy to use and transport
Fits all standard 3 and 5 gallon bottles

hand pump

Bottled Water Coolers

The Clear Water Shop features Thermo Concept water coolers which are designed and built in Canada. They are known for their reliability and quality construction. They meet or exceed energy star ratings.

The only COLD ONLY water cooler on the market!

Rounded contemporary design
Non removable stainless steel water reservoir
Sturdy polyethylene cabinet, dent and scratch resistant
Reliable and simple
sol'eau cooler
2 tap featuring chilled and room temperature
Quality construction and design
Reliable and energy
Stainless Steel reservoir
kelvin cooler
Modern Stainless design to match your home!

Sleek contemporary design
Appliance grade stainless steel
Resists finger prints
Stainless steel reservoir
s3 cooler

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